...I've been busy making more little tin models. It's become a bit of an addiction actually, so much so that there's a website coming soon. Everybody has also started saving colourful cans for me so I now have a pile of about 75 to cut down ready for making. I also have my first commission! Exciting stuff!

Something different

brewdog car, metal sculpture, upcycling

Decided to experiment with something other than a bird...so here's a Brewdog Car, complete tiny driver and yes it was VERY fiddly it's less than 4cm high. Never fear though bird no4 is already in production...so watch this space!

Golden Goose

metal sculpture, carlsberg, specialbrew

Number three in a series of tin birds...the Carlsberg Special Golden Goose. I feel I should point out that neither myself or anybody in the family emptied the Special Brew can, some litterbug chucked it on the grass verge outside the house. At least it had a dignified end...now what next.

And then, Doom Bar Bird was born…

Doom Bar, Sharp's Brewery, Metal Sculpture

My niece brought over a mini keg of Doom Bar at xmas, the recycling wouldn't take it (fortunately as it happens) so I thought I'd do something constructive with it instead. Much trickier to work with than the aluminium can but also more scope for sculpture. Now what next...?

Procastination gone mad…


I was supposed to be working this afternoon...then this happened. I decided instead to make a bird out of a Brewdog Punk Ale tin, which was much more enjoyable admittedly. Will have to work tomorrow, but at least I have a Procrastination bird to watch over me while I do.

Work in progress…


First bit of enamelling for I don't know how long! Actually, thinking about about it, it's probably about seven years, so I thought it best to start with something straightforward. I'd forgotten how long it takes for the cleaning and polishing...that's what I have to do when I've finished filling the low spots. I have to say though, thoroughly enjoyable and perfect for keeping the studio warm on a chilly day!