Things I get asked the most...

Curious mouse

What do I charge for my illustrations?

Fees vary according to each job, a simple black and white cartoon will, of course, cost a lot less than a detailed digital illustration or complicated watercolour image. The kind of usage required for the illustration will also influence the fee.

I’m always happy to give quotes and negotiate a fair price.

Who owns copyright?

By law the artist owns the copyright on any work they produce, unless otherwise agreed. Full copyright on the illustrations may sometimes be purchased at an additional cost.

How do I work?

I produce illustrations and cartoons, both digitally (in Illustrator and Photoshop) and in a traditional style, using pen and ink on paper, and watercolours. The style of illustration obviously depends on what is required by the client, whether it be a humorous cartoon style, or more serious approach.

How do I supply artwork?

Illustrations are usually supplied electronically, according to the client's specifications. Usually by email, via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer or uploaded using ftp. In the case of watercolour, I usually supply scanned illustrations saved in a specified format, but I can supply original artwork if required.